Indonesia has it all; the place for shopping, magnificent beaches, breathtaking sceneries and interesting culture. Bali has been the favorite destination for locals and international tourists for ages.  Bali is ideal for people wanting to escape from daily activities, enjoy a honeymoon, or even, have a great time with family and friends.

Jakarta is a bustling metropolis city, offering all kinds of attractions, from museums, art and antique markets, first class shopping to accommodations, food and a wide variety of cultural activities. The culture and traditions of Jakarta, specially the heritage buildings are well preserved and worth visit.

Bandung, also known as Paris van Java, has so many things to offer. From various cuisines to factory outlets and distribution stores (distros), visitors looking for clothes might be overwhelmed with the wide amount of choices.

Jogjakarta is one of the supreme cultural centers of Java. Gamelan orchestras keep alive the rhythms the past, classical Javanese dances entrance with visions of beauty and poise, shadows come to life in the stories of the wayang kulit and a myriad of traditional visual art forms keep locals and visitors alike spellbound.


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